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Toy Closet Spotlight

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!!

This toy can be used to work on:

- Early emerging consonant productions (/b/ & /p/)

- Turn taking

- Requesting in play

- Imitation skills

Ways to play:

1) Most little kids get excited to play with bubbles which makes this task a great one for therapy and carryover of skills. This task is typically motivating for the kids and is easy to create simple, short routines for young ones to anticipate. I like to use this task to work on turn taking “my turn,” “your turn”, “mom’s turn” etc. You can also use this task to introduce simple familiar routines such as “ready, set, blow” or “1,2,3, blow”, or structured phrase requests such as “I want bubbles!

2) Bubbles is a task that naturally allows us to target early emergent consonant sounds in words such as /b/, /m/, and /p/ for ‘pop’, ‘up’, ‘blow’, ‘bubbles, ‘more’ , ‘big bubbles’, ‘baby bubbles’, ‘many bubbles’ ‘open the bubbles’, etc. For children working on sound production, make sure to hold the bubbles near your mouth or use some form of visual prompt to draw attention to your mouth when verbalizing so that they may see how your mouth moves when you produce the sounds.

3) For more fun I like to use bubbles for following directions such as ‘pop bubbles with your nose’ (you can catch the bubbles on your wand to allow you to control when and where the bubbles gets popped).

4) At home (in a controlled setting) you can paint with bubbles by adding a very small amount of washable paint or food coloring to the container before blowing bubbles onto paper. This allows you to ‘talk’ about the picture once you are done. (ex. How many bubbles, which bubble is the biggest, etc)

5) The MOST IMPORTANT PART for this activity is to HAVE FUN while playing with your child.

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