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Blowing it!

Sometimes in therapy, the session doesn't go well. Sometimes when you go out to dinner or to the store, it doesn't go well. Sometimes your child is done and you feel as if you have blown it! This is when I use one of my very favorite therapy tools. When I feel as if I am blowing it - I take a balloon from my pocket - and I blow it!

Most of the time, the session will be saved or the child's attention will be distracted. And...I can play with that simple toy for 20 minutes. We can blow and then feel the air go out on our hand. We can blow it and then hold it and feel it get smaller - this usually brings lots of laughs. We can blow it and have the air release make a silly high-pitched squeaky sound. And, the best of all, we can blow it up, hold it high, and let it go. It is so much fun to see where it goes, chase it around the room, and then do it all over again. When the child is done with this, we can tie the balloon and hit it up in the air or play catch.

And think of all the language you can add into this play routine. Verbs, nouns, prepositions. Shared engagement. Requesting, commenting, giggling. Short phrases, single words, sound effects! I never enter a therapy room without a balloon in my pocket. When you feel as if you are blowing it - don't worry. Just get a balloon and BLOW IT!

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