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A few Christmas present ideas...

When I think of Christmas presents for kids, I want to spend my money on something that they will enjoy for a long period of time and something that they will encourage their language, cognitive, and social emotional development. I also want to encourage kids to be kids as long as possible. I find that the best presents involve lots of imaginative play. This changes with each year as our kids get older. Here are a few of my favorite finds this year that are sure to be a hit:

This slice and bake cookie dough set from Melissa and Doug is adorable. There are lots of creative ways to play with this toy and it provides many opportunities for social interaction and sequential/pretend play.

For children a little older, I love this Crayola Scribble Scrubbie play set. How fun to color your animal and then wash it off in the tub. My almost 4 year old is definitely getting this this year and her older sisters are sure to be jealous!

Another fun option is this large wooden blocks set. This is excellent for creating worlds for toys to play in, hiding places, or large towers.

I also think that puppets are an excellent way to interact with your child. You can help encourage language development, imagination, and play skills. Puppets are sure to elicit lots of giggles from you and your child.

When purchasing gifts for your children, it is important to remember that the time spent interacting with YOU will have the biggest impact in all areas of development for your child. Don't be afraid to get on the floor and play too!

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